ECS 326 Engineering Materials, Properties, and Processing (Fall)

Introduction to the properties and applications of engineering materials with emphasis on structure-property-processing relationships; fundamentals of structure, properties, and processing; materials selection for design; case studies of specific engineering applications.

CEN 400/600 Materials for Energy Systems (Fall)
Materials issues related to the development of new energy technologies and utilization of existing energy resources. Topics include: geologic fuels; photovoltaics and solar energy conversion; wind energy; thermoelectrics for solid state energy conversion; electrical energy storage; hydrogen production, storage, and use; solid-state lighting; nuclear energy; and other technologies such as geothermal and hydroelectric.

CEN 212 Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering (Spring)
Statistical analysis and presentation of experimental data. Parameter estimation. Design of experiments. Hardware and software for computer interfacing. Collection, analysis, and reporting of laboratory data.
Prerequisites: MAT 296 AND ECS 104