Media Coverage

4/29/22 – Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Francielli Silva Genier Receives Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Student Research

9/2/21 – Crafting polymer composites in one step with light

5/26/2020 – Prof Hosein gives Invited Talk at Photonics North Conference

11/16/19 – Beyond lithium-ion: next generation battery research underway

4/15/19 – Hosein’s Research Garners 3M Award, Publication in Key Journals

1/2/2019 – Aluminum Ion Batteries For High-Demand Applications

4/21/18 – Professor Hosein gives a TED talk on the group’s work on producing ultra-strong, ultra-light materials. Highlighted in Syracuse Engineering News.

4/17/18 – Writing with Light, Hosein Receives NSF CAREER Award. Also highlighted in SU News.

1/19/18 – Transparent Coatings Incorporating Light-Guiding Architectures Boost Energy Generation In Solar Cells

8/1/18 – Bio-inspired Slim Polymer Films With Wide Fields Of View And Multiple Imaging Capabilities

10/2/17 – SyracuseCoE Awards Funding for Hosein as a Faculty Fellow.

8/14/17 – Hari Nanthakumar featured on local Syracuse news for his recent accomplishments in materials fabrication. Also highlighted by the Syracuse College of Engineering and Computer Science here.

3/31/17 – Hari Nanthakumar places 3rd in TACNY Science and Tech Fair, Advances to Intel International Science Fair

11/11/16 – Professor Ian Hosein, Students Develop Technology to Increase Solar Cell Efficiency

12/14/16 – Hosein Earns Prestigious DNI Grant

8/1/16 – Researchers to Develop a New Category of Biomaterials